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Archery Levels > Public Info > Flaming Arrows 4-H Club #207  

Public Info: Flaming Arrows 4-H Club #207

Club Name

Flaming Arrows 4-H Club #207 



County Contact

Mike Vogel at 

Meeting Place

The Kitsap County Mall

Meeting Time

Mon 1-3, and Mon-Fri 6:00 - 8:00 pm  



General Information

Archery has started for the new year Oct 2019 to the end of Sept 2020

Who can join?

Youth, ages 8 (prior to Oct 1st) through Senior in High School may participate in 4H archery shooting sports.

Parents or other interested adults are encouraged to join in as an range instructor, adult leader or assistant capacity, as long as they are a minimum of 21 years old. There is a fee for Range Instructor training, the leader/volunteer training is done online and some classroom time with the 4H office. There is a national background check that will be performed(fyi)

4H Enrollment is now done online at just find the Washington State link to make a profile. The archery club has additional forms to be kept on station for medical purposes. Each youth is required to fill in the forms for enrollment. These forms are found on the list above on this web page. Bring them to the first meeting. There will be no shooting until all the forms and payment are turned in

The nightly rolls will be filled out on enrollment day, with 6 different shoot times available. We allow 16 youth each night and it is a first come registration through 4Honline. The rolls will be filled by returning youth in good standing first, then new and returning youth by their 4Honline enrollment date/time. This club is run by volunteers and the enrollment processes takes hours, so please be patient. Not every shooting time may be available when we get to you, so have options. If not present when your name is called, an effort will be made to contact you, and then we will move to the next name on the list

The Flaming Arrows 4-H club will be starting up for another year and taking new members starting October 5th, 2019 from 12-4pm. Project meetings are once a week starting around the first to third week of October until about the end of Sept 2020 (see Calendar on web site for complete schedule, including holidays).

Archery shooting skills and safety are taught at each practice, Mon or Tue or Wed or Thur or Fri. We have a group each night that meets from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, and  Mon 1-3pm for homeschoolers.

In addition, the club will meet on some weekends for club business meetings, fun shoots, service projects and other activities, see Calendar.

Members will sign up for one of the nights. You will need to stay with that schedule through the year, unless you make alternate arrangements with a range instructor on a different night. We encourage all archers to attend weekly. As we tend to fill our archery ranges, we request that you let the Nightly Leader know when you will not be there. Limited make-up sessions can be scheduled for another evening, if there is room on the range, and arrangements have been made in advance. All correspondence is done through the web page and through email. It is requested that a parent/adult remain at the range.

In an emergency, e-mail or phone calls will be made to notify all if the range is not in operation. Please keep us up to date on e-mail addresses and phone numbers. We have had to cancel due to weather or power outages, and have had difficulty in the past reaching everyone. We are sorry if you show up and archery is canceled.

Information for all: This year (2019-2020) club fees will be $55.00, State fee of $25.00 and County Fee of $20.00. The 4H Council has suspended their fee of $5 this 4-H year. Total of $100.00(Break down of fees paid is: Club Fees : targets for the club ($5), archery supplies such as target butts, arrows, armguards, glue, replace worn equipment, tournaments etc for the club ($20), Building utilities/rent ($25), Club Leaders ($5) so your leaders can bring you fun programing. State Fees : Insurance ($2), National background check ($15), 4H Marketing ($3), 4H County assistance ($5). County Fees : 4H office paperwork/management ($15), Scholarships ($5). If you are not familiar with 4-H please call the 4-H office at (360)337-7157 #6270, or visit

If you have more than 3 youth signing up in your family, the County Fees will remain at $60, with no additional charge per youth. County fee only needs to be paid once in any project, so if you are in a separate 4H club 'and' Archery, you only pay once. The club fees will remain at $55 per youth. The state fees will remain at $25 per youth

The club fees do not include the cost of making arrows or other projects. Those will be charged separately when made available. With the cost of the projects and the club fees, we anticipate the total cost to be about $2 to $3 per week of archery instruction. We will be filling out remaining 4-H club paperwork and collecting fees at two separate dates at the start of the season. Oct 5th 10-11:59AM is only for returning club members. Oct 5th 12-4PM is for New enrollees and any other returning enrollees. This will be on a first come basis from the 4Honline enrollment time for the open club spots. Oct 12th 1-3pm in the mall will also be our first club meeting. We will be going over the schedule, signups for arrows/shirts/etc. Please fill out the 3 forms located above and bring your cash/check and a parent. The youth will also elect club officers at the first club meeting. A separate e-mail will be sent out covering these elected positions. Project meetings are at the Kitsap County Mall between Sears and the food court. Weekend meeting locations will be listed on the calendar. All projects (including arrows) will be on a pay as you make them basis. We will not collect at the beginning of the year because the price is not known until supplies are purchased.

The club has bows and arrows that you can use. We recommend that you use the club's bows and equipment for awhile. If you have a bow that you want to use, bring it and have it inspected for safety.

Mike Smith(Tuesday night Leader) can assist in properly sizing and purchasing a bow if the youth is interested. The bows take about 1 to 1-1/2 weeks to arrive if in stock.

All funds are paid to the archery club. Make checks to Flaming Arrows 4-H Club. Our financial page (once a member) shows everything the club spends money on

Youth will fall in one of the three age groups.  Age of youth Sept 30th 2019 at midnight
Juniors 8-10 yrs
Intermediates 11-13 yrs
Seniors 14-19 yrs

Club Leader

Michael Vogel 360-643-3829


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